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About Zareer - The ZSBP Story

Zareer’s Small Batch Pantry makes delicious condiments and snacks inspired by Parsi Indian culinary traditions that go back generations.

The Parsis or Parsees whose name means ‘Persians’ are descended from Persian Zoroastrians who emigrated to India to avoid religious persecution following the Muslim conquest of the Zoroastrian Sassanid Empire in 7th Century AD.

Arriving on the shores of Gujarat, they were granted permission to stay by the local ruler on the condition they adopt the local language (Gujarati) and that their women adopt local dress (the sari).

As the story goes, our Zoroastrian elders asked for a cup of milk and spoon of sugar, which was dissolved in the milk entirely without spilling a single drop. The message being that we would assimilate into the population, sweeten the country and never spill a drop of blood. Thus began the legend of the Parsis who have kept their promises to the land of their adoption, believing in education, equity and empathy, while following the threefold tenets of Asha – Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.



Le Prof aka Chef The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Parsi Arrival

Parsi Arrival

Elders demonstrating the dissolving of milk into sugar metaphor.

Just as this story tells of the mix of cultures, Zareer himself is a blend of cultures bringing to the kitchen a 30-year career as a French Professor along with traditional Parsi culinary recipes and techniques passed down through our ‘Mamaiji’ (Mother’s mother).

After finally hanging up the beret and closing ‘les portes’ on his French career – he started pleasuring the pallets of the Sydney market scene for many years. Quickly establishing a dedicated and somewhat ‘addicted’ base – he was required to setup shop online in order for customers to get their hands on products in between markets and events, and so ZSBP was born.

The first line of products that were launched focused on an Indian staple called achar, sometimes referred to as Indian pickle. Achar (pronounced ah-char; also translating to ‘pickled’ in Hindi) is a flavour-packed condiment made from a variety of vegetables, fruits, aromatics, spices as well as chillis – tangy, sweet and salty heat-  itsan explosive flavour bomb for your pallet. For the uninitiated, think of it as India’s answer to kimchi.

Traditionally achaar is eaten with rice, daal, curry or yoghurt but Zareer’s range are very diverse and also pair brilliantly alongside sandwiches, burgers, cheese boards or even as a finish to dishes. A few spoons of flavour bomb to punch up your sauce, lentils or eggs.

Spending years on exclusionary diets has given Zareer a special affinity with the health and dietary conscious which is why all ZSBP products are natural, healthy and delicious. Always tastes better when what you’re eating is doing you good at the same time!

Each batch draws on healthy all-natural alternatives to sugar and nasty oils using FODMAP-friendly and gluten-free ingredients. Constantly creating, adapting, testing and refining, a new creation is never far from your pantry.

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